Sunday, August 4, 2019

Episode 16: Rosey's 3rd Annual 39th Birthday Extravaganza featuring Dave Attell

Gene and Rosey are back with the Jackson Reaction Podcast after only a 14 month hiatus! The show picks up just as their leaving Stand Up Live after Rosey had a few drinks and met comedian Dave Attell (Bucket List Item crossed off!)  They talk about what they've been up to in the past 14 months namely playing their new Retro Pie Gaming System from The Retro Gaming Solution! They also discussed some cool finds for Rosey's birthday at 2nd and Charles and much, much more!  Click the player below or download it here!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Episode 15: Has the world gone crazy??

This week Gene & Rosey ponder the question, "Has the world gone crazy??" Based on daily interactions with people and watching the nightly news it would seem the answer is yes....however perhaps it's not that simple. Click on the player below or download it HERE!

Here's some random pictures that have nothing to do with this episode unless you think we're the ones that are crazy.......and who may be right.

Episode 14: Mixtape Remix

This week Gene and Rosey flashback to the olden days of the beloved Mixtape. They discuss this and other long forgotten items of their childhood as well.  You can check it out on the player below or download it HERE!

Episode 13: Dude, where's my gall bladder?

This week we record the podcast fresh out of Rosey's Gall Bladder surgery, it's interesting to say the least....go on...give it a listen on the player below or click here to download!

Artwork by Rose Jackson

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Episode 12- Life, Death, & Music

This week Gene & Rosey discuss the impact of music on their lives.  Whether we realize it or not music has a profound effect on ALL of our lives and when our favorite musicians pass away it effects us all in a variety of ways.  On this episode, Gene & Rosey talk about their favorite music and musicians.....and the memories and life experiences that tie into both.  A fun show that everyone can relate to on some level.  Check the show out HERE and share  your thoughts with the Jacksons on social media! 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Episode 11- Half-isode AKA No, we don't smoke pot...

Episode 11 is a condensed episode (thus the title "Half-isode") but there's a lot crammed into it as the Jacksons discuss Gene's work trip to Arkansas, Rosey and the cats adventures at home while he was gone, also Gene and Rosey's recent recognition from one of their favorite comedians Doug Benson and the fact people now assume they smoke pot due to the fact they are fans of a so-called "pot comic"....all this and more....give it a listen HERE or on the player below...

Really.....we don't smoke weed....

Seriously, we don't.......

BB partakes of the cat nip and watches some Bob Ross though...

Stay classy Arkansas.....

See ya next time on the Jackson Reaction Podcast.....

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Episode 10: Random Randomness A.K.A. Our comedy road trip weekend

Episode 10 is a string of randomness including: Gene & Rosey's comedy road trip weekend to Memphis, Tupelo, and Nashville.....they also talk about the new MST3K on Netflix, Rifftrax on for Roku, video games, food, and numerous other fun topics....give it a listen on the player below or click right HERE!!